FXR owner Milt Reimer started working part-time at a Honda and Polaris dealer in Morris, a small town about 50 kilometers south of Winnipeg, when he was 17 years old. There, he began to participate in cross-country motorcycle competitions. He continued to work at that dealership for 10 years, and after realizing that he really liked it, he bought the company. Even so, Milt said he believes that becoming a distributor is just another step towards the next project. Over the next 6 years, a business plan was developed for a clothing company called FXR. Milt noticed that no one was producing high-performance snow cycling clothing, so he began to design some products made by local clothing manufacturers. The first start was in the basement of his house.


FXR continued to grow and develop, and by 2005, most of the FXR product line was produced at sea. Due to Milt's experience on the track, FXR has always paid attention to the size, fit and breathability of snow suits in order to provide customers with the best products.


One of the reasons for the continued growth is the expanding product line of FXR. New products are added and adjusted every year in order to provide our customers with the best products. We offer hundreds of different styles and colors of FXR jackets and pants for men, women and children. In addition to jackets and pants, we also have gloves, boots, headwear and men's and women's casual series.


As for the mountain catergory, we also provide. In addition to the conventional mountain-specific equipment, we also launched the elite FXR "Mountain Air" series. Dedicated to high-performance mountain riders, we have industry-leading quality boots, the lightest helmet on the market, and of course the best technical jackets and pants you can find. If the price is changed, please notify before purchase.